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5 Delicious Cups of Coffee


While there are several reasons you might be indulging in a cup of coffee, it is important that it tastes good always. The taste, smell and ability to make you feel fresh in the morning are the key features of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, that every coffee lover knows and judges. That being said, each one of us loves to have coffee in the morning and also, we have our favorites.

However, if you are a novice coffee drinker or looking to change your choice of coffee cup, here are a few choices for best coffee Leicester that you can indulge and give a fresh and tasty start to your day:

1- Espresso –

Yes, let us start from the basics, and suggest you to take a shot of Espresso in the morning. Besides giving you a strong taste, it also is one of the energizing concoction that you need to stay on your toes all day. Experts recommend that an expertly brewed espresso cup keeps you hydrated all day.

2- Cafe Latte –

Also known by a fancy name Cafe au lait, this is for those who love to enjoy their morning with a more luxurious drink. Made with steamed milk and a single shot of espresso, this coffee type is a frothy delight and a perfect power booster for the day.

3- Americano –

If Espresso is a hot and heavy shot for you, Caffe Americano is your alternative. This is a simple potion made by diluting espresso using hot water. It is the American way of Espresso which is said to have been made especially for American who was not able to bear the heavy dose of Espresso. Whatever the reason may be, the drink is today a famous one and loved by many.

4- Matcha Latte –

Here comes the latest edition of a healthy coffee. Yes, it is made with a combination of Matcha green tea and coffee and definitely is one of the healthiest ways to jump-start your morning. Matcha has lots of health benefits including hydration, anti-oxidant rich and much more.

5- Chai Tea Latte –

Just as the name suggests, you get the flavors of chai and coffee in a single cup. What can be better than this to have the first thing in the morning and then get started for the big day?
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