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Welcome to  Prana Cafe

The Premier Vegan Cafe In Leicester Since 2018


Our mission at Prana is to serve you healthy vegan food so you can be your best version!

Prana means life-force energy. It cannot be seen or measured, only felt.

A whole food vegan diet will nourish and energise your mind, body, and soul.

Raise your vibration by increasing your Prana!

It is scientifically proven that veganism is the best diet for optimum health.

Top-class athletes and famous celebrities chose veganism so they can improve their performance, be in premium health, feel and look their best.

At Prana, we aim to prepare and serve all our vegan dishes with love and care whilst using only natural ingredients.

Prana Cafe Wall Artwork

Meet The Owners

Andie and Sukh were both inspired to open Prana Cafe in May 2018, after turning vegan themselves in 2016.

The benefits they felt from eating a clean, whole food vegan diet were immense. A feeling of well-being, an increase in energy levels, clarity and calmness of mind.

“Animals have no voice, so we must not exploit them. We should love all beings. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.”

Andie & Sukh
prana front view

Meet The Team

Our friendly staff are passionate about ensuring they provide you with the best vegan food and experience they can.

From all corners of the world, they are a pivotal part of our Prana family. 

Our in-house baker, chef, barista, customer service manager and many others have a special place with us and with our customers. 



A little bit about our in-house Baker:

Kim is a South Korean vegan baker based in Leicester. She has been vegan since 2017 and believes that veganism is not only about diet, but also about lifestyle. It changes the way you see the world around you. So, she is all about conscious and sustainable living. She grows her own organic vegetables and flowers for pollinators, composts food waste and tries to stick with seasonal and local ingredients rather than the same dishes all year around.

She is a very passionate baker. She taught herself baking and become a vegan baker at Prana cafe since we’ve opened our doors. Also, she devotes a lot of time to her personal vegan baking blog on Instagram to inspire people. Go check her out: @happilyeverafter_vegan.

Kim has been with Prana Café since the opening in 2018. She frequently delights customers with her stunning delicious vegan cakes, and you will also find her energy contagious due to her big smile and positive energy that puts everyone in a good mood.


A little bit about our in-house Chef:

Eirini is from Greece, and she moved to Leicester to work as a Chef. Eirini has been with Prana Café for 1.5 years and her favourite part about her job is seeing customers having a great time and enjoying their food.

She learnt to cook 11 years ago in a culinary school in Athens. Eirini wows customers with her beautiful nourishing meals and presentation. Her hidden talent is creating delicate pastries.

She is caring and makes the team smile with her humorous conversations. In her free time, she enjoys playing games, reading books, drawing, dancing and even playing instruments.


Barista & Chef Assistant

Anna first went vegan at the age of 17 after hearing about the health benefits of the diet, however, it quickly became a lifestyle after watching ‘’Earthlings’’ (documentary).

She started working at Prana as a barista and now has perfected her latté art which has a wow factor for customers. Her excitement for cooking led her to become more confident in our kitchen too.

Her main passion is health and fitness, as you’ll find her doing 60 burpee challenges just for fun! She also loves going on long walks in the countryside. Anna has been vegan for almost 6 years now and is great at advising newbies or those curious about veganism.

Jay-Z (Geizi)

Customer Service & Marketing Manager

Jay-z (Geizi) wows customers with her impeccable service and you’ll find her engaged in talking about different cultures.

She enjoys learning languages and can hold a conversation in Portuguese, English, German and Mandarin.

Her passion is to sing and write music. She is excited and curious to learn about veganism and ethical eating.

Prana Cafe Entrance Door