Celebration Cakes

Looking for a vegan cake in Leicester? At Prana Café we love creating beautiful and delicious celebration cakes that require no animal products. All of our cakes are hand-made at our café using only fresh, organic ingredients. We do not add any artificial sweeteners or preservatives as we believe that it is not necessary.

Are vegan cakes healthier than traditional cakes?

When asking if plant-based cakes are healthier than traditional cakes, we should be aware of what makes traditional cakes unhealthy. We know that cakes are high in fat and sugar, but traditional cakes also use eggs and dairy. Neither of these products benefit our health and more research is being published showing that consuming animal products is a detriment to our health.

The consumption of dairy products in any form has been shown to promote cancer cell growth, worsen autoimmune diseases and can cause hormonal issues such as acne. And this research is not surprising considering that most of the world’s population is actually lactose intolerant. It should also be noted that when consuming dairy, it is not the only thing that we are consuming. Antibiotics, pus and blood are all found in dairy products which all contributes to poor health.

The information surrounding the dangers of dairy is becoming common knowledge with 25% of the UK population now using milk alternatives. However, there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding eggs as they are still considered by many to be a “health food”. However, it is actually illegal for companies to label eggs as “healthy” due to their high cholesterol and saturated fat content.

Why choose Prana’s Celebration Cakes?

At Prana Café, we use only organic plant-based ingredients to create our cakes which makes them a much healthier alternative to traditional vegetarian cakes. Each week we have new flavours for you to try inside our café including gluten free and raw vegan cakes. However, if you have a birthday or an anniversary approaching, we can work with you to create your own bespoke cake to celebrate the special occasion.

Our celebration cakes come in 5 different sizes and can all be customized with decorations and your own personal message. The flavours available are black forest, chocolate caramel, chocolate mocha, chocolate orange, coffee walnut, double chocolate, lemon and earl grey, lemon drizzle, mint chocolate, rose and pistachio, strawberry and vanilla, Ferrero Rocher, lemon macaron and Victoria sponge. If you would like to order one of our cakes for collection, head over to our website www.pranacafe.co.uk.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] and we will get in touch

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