China is now seeking 'safe' animal free protein sources

In response to the cause of Coronavirus coming from animals, China has reportedly shut down 20,000 wildlife farms across the country in an attempt to tackle the spread of the virus. These wildlife farms breed and confine porcupines, peacocks, boar and geese among many others.

With these industries closing their doors there has been a huge interest in animal free protein, Bloomberg reports. Josh Tetrick, Chief Executive Officer of JUST, a vegan food company, has said that they have recently received a lot of inquiries from some of China’s largest food producers. This comes with the news that China is now seeking safer sources of animal-free protein as authorities believe that this will reduce the risk of future outbreaks.

As China shows signs of moving towards less animal farming and more plant-based options, shouldn’t the rest of the world follow suit?

The UK along with many other countries are making brilliant progress with plant-based alternatives and many businesses are acknowledging the increased demand for vegan products. Major supermarkets such as Asda and The Co-op introduced new vegan products during Veganuary, as well as many other companies. As veganism continues to grow year after year, the industries that exploit animals are dying out. However, in a world where there is still intensive animal farming, there is still a chance of future pandemics.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) received seven confirmed reports of avian influenza last year and only a week ago Germany confirmed a case of H5N8 Bird Flu in a chicken farm. Whilst bird flu is easier to detect due to strict monitoring, Coronavirus has proven that new viruses can and will develop whilst animals continue to be farmed.

Let us be clear, there is no diet that can cure coronavirus or stop you from catching it, but a vegan world is the safest option to prevent future pandemics. For the animals, the environment and our health, go vegan.

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