Plant-Based Milk

Let’s talk about plant-based milk. In light of recent documentaries such as ‘What the Health’ and ‘Cowspiricy’, the harsh reality of the dairy industry is being bought to people’s attention and people are opting to pick plant-based milk rather than dairy milk. Luckily, there is so many plant- based milks out there, going plant-based couldn’t be easier! We’ve put together a small guide on some of the most popular plant-based milk and it’s properties.

Coconut Milk
  • Made by soaking the flesh of the coconut in water
  • Has a sweet, nutty taste
  • Great in smoothies
  • High in vitamin C and B
Almond Milk
  • Made by soaking almonds in water
  • Creamy texture
  • Nutty taste
  • Good source of calcium
  • High in vitamin D
Oat Milk
  • Made by soaking oats in water
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Source of iron
  • Great for people switching from dairy to plant-based
  • High in vitamin A and D
  • Tastes amazing in coffee
Soya Milk
  • Found in most coffee shops
  • Great in coffee
  • Neutral flavour
  • Great protein source
  • Full of vitamins and minerals

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