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What is veganism?
Veganism as a whole is a lifestyle. Being vegan is more than just the food you eat, it’s to do with the products you use and the clothes you wear. Being vegan means you abstain from the use of all animal products.

Why should people go vegan?
There are a lot of reasons why people go vegan, it can be for ethical reasons, health reasons or even personal reasons however all that aside, you should go vegan because YOU want to. Not because its trendy, not because your friends are, you need to do it because you have that passion and drive for veganism.

Why is veganism the future? Overtime, people are realising the cruel reality of the world and are opting to go vegan. When researching this, I found that veganism in the UK has quadrupled in the last couple of years meaning that in 2018 there were 600,00 vegans! If these are the figures in the last year, imagine what they’d be in the next ten!

Does being a vegan make me healthy? People often become vegan as they think it will make them healthier, this isn’t true. If you become vegan and make your own meals, make sure you’re getting the right balance of food groups (the right amount of protein, calcium, having your fruit and vegetables as well as your vitamins and minerals) then yes, you will be a ‘healthy vegan.’ However, if you were to go vegan and start eating vegan processed food on a regular basis then this wouldn’t be beneficial to you.

If you’re looking to become vegan, here’s what we recommend…

  • Take it slowly. You don’t need to become vegan overnight, maybe begin with having a vegan day once a week, slowly ease into it.
  • Research! Read blogs, read up on veganism and watch documentaries, inspire and motivate yourself to live a vegan lifestyle.
  • Instagram. Instagram is full of food bloggers, recipes and all things vegan. Check out some posts, find your favourite vegan instagramer!

Statistics From TheVeganSociety

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